Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of funds. Will I be waiting a long time?

True, proper due diligence is time-consuming and resource-intensive, and is a continual, ongoing process. HFDDX seeks to reduce the overhead for each interested party by anonymous, joint sponsorship of DD reports. HFDDX requires about a month to complete a report, and will begin work on a given report when there are enough sponsors. But we cannot predict the number of sponsors any given report might attract. However, if you would like us to begin your reports right away, please contact us for additional extremely cost-effective options. You can withdraw your offer of sponsorship at any time.

If I select funds in the HFDDX table, am I required to pay?

No. Selecting funds is only an indication of interest. You may cancel at any time prior to delivery of the report.

How long does it take to produce a report?

Once we begin work, a complete report will be ready in approximately four weeks. But we cannot provide a specific deadline because our work depends on the response time from the manager and several service providers.

When do I pay?

You will be billed as we complete the report.

Who can request HFDDX reports?

Any person or organization with a legitimate interest in a particular fund. All requestors are vetted by HFDDX.

We are not comfortable revealing the list of managers/funds in which we are interested.

Your list will never be revealed outside HFDDX. Your identity and affiliation will never be revealed outside HFDDX until we begin work on a report that you have requested and inform the investment manager. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our business.