Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of funds. Will I be waiting a long time?

Many organizations have large needs and they realize that proper due diligence can take significant time to do properly. Because of the large need and the time involved, the order in which the funds are examined may be less important than the ability to save money on the work.

If I select funds in the HFDDX table, am I required to pay?

No. Selecting funds is only an indication of interest. You may cancel at any time prior to delivery of the report.

How long does it take to produce a report?

Once we begin work, a complete report will be ready in approximately four weeks. But we cannot provide a specific deadline because our work depends on the response time from the manager and several service providers.

When do I pay?

You will be billed as we complete the report.

What types of organizations join HFDDX?

All members will be screened by HFDDX management prior to acceptance. Investors are the core of our membership, but other participants in the alternatives community may also be welcomed. Service providers, for example, have significant due diligence needs.